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time for another blog I find.
I'm sorry that i didnt have the chance to answer emails or messages lately, but the internet in my room didnt work for like a week which means i had to share the computer with the rest of my hostfam... and Sara was here from last Sunday to yesterday...and we just had an awesome time that didnt leave much room for sitting in front of the computer.
anyways..let me tell you a little bit about the last few weeks.

Two weekends ago I was in Vancouver with my hostfam over the weekend for the Vancouver Sun Run... 55 000 people runnning through the streets of Vancouver City. (and 2 500 kids and parents....rather walking xD). It was okay, but...9 hrs drive to get there and back...jsut to be there for 2 days isnt really worth it, i'd say. we didnt even see a single moose on the way :P.

then...the next week past by pretty fast, i dont even remember what i did... friday eve was madisons awesome birhtday party....with hottub and everything...till 5 in the morning and with my favorite person!.

On Sunday evening sara arrived in PG and we had an awesome time... shopping in the mall several times, but also "sight seeing" in PG. The only part that wasnt perfect was the weather...
it was alright on monday...but a lil windy...then on tuesday it was just raining.... believe it or not, snowin on wednesday april 30th...and then, luckily...sunshine on thursday! Thrusday was the best day anyways cause we went down to the fort george park and to the fraser river... lying in the sun eating swedish chocolate! That was awesome!

And now she left again for High Prairie and I'm sad cause i have noone to share my bed with me. at least nobody whos allowed...


have a good day and enjoy the sun, it's rare!

3.5.08 21:35


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