Hanna in Canada


"There are different names for the same thing!."-Death Cab For Cutie

jsut pics tday cause my text was erased -.-. but i'm doin alright right now...

haha, hanna & big wilbur.

best hostbrother ever! "hannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............i love you!"

random lunchtime shot...

Pk...freakin awesome day...but snowboarding + really cold = frostbite.

our own lil polar express

bus times...see my freakin red nose??

dyed my hair,can u see it?

7.2.08 07:23


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Eva / Website (7.2.08 18:54)
Hey Hanna,
nice new hair colour=) I'm a little thrilled because of the title of this entry...I love Death Cab for Cutie! A friend of mine gave me a CD with some of their songs about 2 weeks ago and I instantly fell in love
And your hostbrother is soooooooo cute!
Love you

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