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"Party like a rockstar!"

ok, guys, just quick cause it's already 11 and i still gotta go to school. but man, i'm so excited that i probly won't be able to fall a sleep anyways.

yesterday we had the secret santa (wichteln) in school and i got in between dreams by jack johnson...oh, so lovely cause i always wanted to have the original cd. oh, soo awesome.
and then i got one of the best gifts ever from steph & kathryn: my own "such-a-box"! Who ever has seen "amelie" will get what kinda box it is. a box of canada memories!

and new music in it: metric! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!I ♥ it. ahh,so awesome. ohhh...i gonna show u some:

and more about the winter formal which i'm goin to soon... cause i totally wanna tell u about dress shopping and stuff...ahh .

this weekend is busy,but awesome and full of "booop, i ♥ u!"'s........and bakin cookies and stuff!

ah, freakin awesome!

and one last day of school and then: HOLIDAYS!!!!!! and watchin hockey after school tomorrow!!!!

i it.

21.12.07 08:18


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